I wanna engage in a transcultural exchange with the English version of the book : see if things are different where you live, compared to Paris, France.



If you wanna help...

Need some word of mouth

Of course, I need a lot of word of mouth so that people can know that this book exists.

If you want to write a comment about the book, of make a video or send a picture of your favorite passage, please do !

I have a facebook fan page and a discussion group. I think that my book can benefit from you and I would also love to know what the differences are... 

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Born and raised in Paris, France, I had difficulties at first being a lesbian, meeting other girls etc. And I have started reading a lot about it. I then wrote a first draft of a guide. But it lacked content. I started interviewing other girls who lived in Paris, through friends, parties and casual enconters. It then enriched a lot the book. It was first published in France in French. And now owing to a friend of mine Andrea Davoust, it is finally in English.

I would also like to thank three dear American friends who proofread the book : Brittany, Adron and Jesse !