A Parisian guide for women loving women today and how to enjoy it !


Girls Have The Softest Skin is the the book you need, when you need it.


Have you ever wondered...  How do I meet a girl? How do I know if she likes me? How do I show her I'm interested?  How do I assert my identity without resorting to clichés? What's it like having sex with a girl? How will I know what to do in bed? How do I tell my friends I like girls?  Should I tell my family? And how? Are girls really softer-skinned? And so on...

If so, you can find some answers in the book, Girls Have The Softest Skin

Photography by Sarah de Vicomte, Marie Rouge and myself :)

A gread read for all the lesbians and queer women in the world ! Very insightful and useful!
— Sarah de Vicomte, BBX
It took the author a few years to write it. It was worth the wait! It’s a one of a kind!
— Judith Silberfeld, Yagg.
It is soft and nice. I wish our world was always this kind and compassionnate, and steamy....
— Vanessa Klau, TFN
I can’t believe that French girls act like that! I love it!
— Amir Hus, IND

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2. The first chapter of the book for free (pdf) to give you a better idea of the book

I wanna engage in a transcultural exchange with the English version of the book : see if things are different where you live, compared to Paris, France.

Born and raised in Paris, France, I I found it difficult being a lesbian, meeting other girls etc. And I started reading a lot on the subject. I then wrote a first draft of a guide. But it lacked content. Istarted interviewing other girls who lived in Paris, through friends, parties and casual enconters. These stories made the book a lot richer. It was first published in France in French. And now thanks to a friend of mine Andrea Davoust, it it has been translated into English.

I would also like to thank three dear American friends who proofread the book : Brittany, Adron and Jesse : Brittany, Adron and Jesse !


And a short video interview about the book


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